Pro Iroda Solderpro 70K Gas Soldering Iron Kit Refillable Butane Torch 25w-80w

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Product Description

Solder on the Go with the precision pocket sized SolderPro 70K - Cordless - Compact - Portable Iron

This is the kit form of the popular SolderPro 70 and adds a heavy duty case, S-05 Hot Knife, S-06 Blow torch, S-07 Heat blower tips to the existing soldering tip as well as solder and a sponge to make it a portable multi functional gas tool.

4 in 1 Tool

Soldering iron - tip temperature of 450 C equivalent to  80W electric soldering iron

Blow Torch - Which operates at temperatures up to 1,300 C

Heat Blower  - Tip has an adjustable temperature up to 650 C, ideal for tube shrinking

Hot Knife - Tip temperature of 450 C and is designed to cut and cauterize must synthetic materials


Colour                                   Yellow

Length                                  W/Cap  220 mm (8.7 inches)

W/Soldering Tip                   193 mm (7.6 inches)

Height                                   26 mm (1 inche)

Weight Empty Tank              66g ±2g

Watt                                      Equivalent to a power range       25W-80W

BTU                                      346.5

Temperature                         Soldering Tip      ≈ 842℉ (450 ℃)

Torch                                     ≈ 2400℉ (1300 ℃)

Hot Knife                               ≈ 842℉ (450 ℃)

Heat Blower                          ≈ 1300℉ (650 ℃)

Capacity                               Gas Container    17ml (0.57 oz)

Flame length                        Mid setting         1cm (0.4 inches)

Operating Time                    Mid setting / One gas filling          100min.

Heat up time                        Working temperature    25 Seconds