SolderPro 50 Cordless Gas Soldering Iron 30 - 70W Refillable Butane Iroda Pro 50

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Product Description

NOTE - We are an official IRODA UK distributor

IRODA SOLDERPRO-50 is a popular pocket-sized precise, butane powered soldering iron, easily refillable with Butane gas e.g. lighter fuel.

This multi-function heat tool is specifically designed for the hobby/DIY enthusiast.

Ideal for quick repairs of circuit boards and electronics, at home, in the car or in the field, fits in your pocket and is ready to power on and solder, wherever you are.

  • Equivalent to a Power Range of 30-70 Watts.
  • Cordless, Simple, and Safe Operation Anywhere.
  • Ready to Use 18 Seconds After Ignition.
  • Up to 40 Minutes of Operation (mid-setting) on One Refill
  • Powered by Butane - No Electrical Interference.
  • Comes with a Soldering Tip (T-01) and Protective Cap.



Length                                  W/Cap  155 mm (6.1 inches)

W/Soldering Tip                   140 mm (5.5 inches)

Height                                   28 mm (1.1 inches)

Weight Empty Tank              56g ±2g

Watt                                      Equivalent to a power range       30W-70W

BTU                                      346.5

Temperature                         Soldering Tip      ≈ 842℉ (450 ℃)

Torch                                     ≈ 2400℉ (1300 ℃)

Hot Knife                               ≈ 842℉ (450 ℃)

Heat Blower                          ≈ 1300℉ (650 ℃)

Capacity                               Gas Container    7ml (0.24 oz)

Flame length                        Mid setting         1cm (0.4 inches)

Operating Time                    Mid setting / One gas filling          40min.

Heat up time                        Working temperature    18 Seconds